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SALOS’ Spring 2020 Concert – The Musical Alphabet

Order your tickets here! – Click here to order your tickets!

It hasn’t been long since ‘The Sound of Music’, but we’re happy to announce that we’re back with a NEW concert!

The Musical Alphabet is our Spring 2020 Concert featuring Songs from the A to Z of Musicals on Friday the 20th March. We’ll be performing our concert at The Deanery (Peglars Way, Wichelstowe, Swindon, SN1 7DA).

Ticket Prices are £10 for adults and under 16’s £6

Come and join us on Friday the 20th March! You can pickup tickets by contacting us, using our Online form (https://salos.org/members-page/salos-a-z-musicals-ticket-form/) or from any SALOS member!

You can buy your tickets here – Click here to order your tickets!

SALOS presents ‘The Sound of Music’ – Franz and Frau Shmidt

🤩 Introducing Mike Davies as ‘Franz’ and Carol Jeffcutt as ‘Frau Shmidt’ 🤩

Time is running out to book your tickets to see The Sound of Music 2019 at The Wyvern Theatre! BOOK NOW! – https://swindontheatres.co.uk/…/tickets-sound-of-music-swin…

SALOS presents ‘The Sound of Music’ – Max

🤩 Introducing Tony Asprey as ‘Max’ 🤩

In case you don’t know, we open a week today! With that amazing news, we introduce our Max, Tony Asprey. We can’t wait to get on stage! Don’t miss out and BOOK NOW before it’s too late! https://swindontheatres.co.uk/Online/tickets-sound-of-music-swindon-2019

Photo Credits – Frankie Le-Bon

SALOS presents ‘The Sound of Music’ – Elsa

🤩 Introducing Sarah Asprey as ‘Elsa’ 🤩

With The Sound of Music opening next week, we thought it would be a good idea to show you a few more characters! Sarah, along with the rest of the cast, can’t wait to perform to Swindon Wyvern Theatre audiances next week. So BOOK NOW – https://swindontheatres.co.uk/…/tickets-sound-of-music-swin…

Photo Credits – Frankie Le-Bon

SALOS presents ‘The Sound of Music’ at The Wyvern Theatre

SALOS are pleased to announce that the hills will be alive with The Sound of Music this October! 

The company will be heading back to the Wyvern Theatre with this wonderful family musical.  This classic story, much-loved by many, will be brought to the Swindon stage, following Maria and the Von Trapp family’s life through Austria in an ever-growing Nazi regime. Featuring timeless songs such as EdelweissSixteen Going On SeventeenFavourite Thing’s and Do-Re-Mi and the title song The Sound of Music.

So make sure you can Climb Every Mountain and that nothing stops you and the family from seeing this classic, heartwarming Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.

Book your tickets here! – https://swindontheatres.co.uk/Online/tickets-sound-of-music-swindon-2019

Watch the trailer here! You can find more cast photos on our Facebook page or in our Members Section

SALOS Presents – “The Sound of Music” 2019