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Spring Concert – Musical Alphabet Rehearsals

Our upcoming Spring Concert ‘The Musical alphabet’ in rehearsals! Not long now until we perform! Don’t miss out. BOOK NOW 👉🏼 https://salos.org/members-p…/salos-a-z-musicals-ticket-form/

SALOS’ Spring 2020 Concert – The Musical Alphabet

Order your tickets here! – Click here to order your tickets!

It hasn’t been long since ‘The Sound of Music’, but we’re happy to announce that we’re back with a NEW concert!

The Musical Alphabet is our Spring 2020 Concert featuring Songs from the A to Z of Musicals on Friday the 20th March. We’ll be performing our concert at The Deanery (Peglars Way, Wichelstowe, Swindon, SN1 7DA).

Ticket Prices are £10 for adults and under 16’s £6

Come and join us on Friday the 20th March! You can pickup tickets by contacting us, using our Online form (https://salos.org/members-page/salos-a-z-musicals-ticket-form/) or from any SALOS member!

You can buy your tickets here – Click here to order your tickets!

Rehearsal Photos

SALOS presents ‘The Sound of Music’ – Franz and Frau Shmidt

🤩 Introducing Mike Davies as ‘Franz’ and Carol Jeffcutt as ‘Frau Shmidt’ 🤩

Time is running out to book your tickets to see The Sound of Music 2019 at The Wyvern Theatre! BOOK NOW! – https://swindontheatres.co.uk/…/tickets-sound-of-music-swin…

SALOS presents ‘The Sound of Music’ – Max

🤩 Introducing Tony Asprey as ‘Max’ 🤩

In case you don’t know, we open a week today! With that amazing news, we introduce our Max, Tony Asprey. We can’t wait to get on stage! Don’t miss out and BOOK NOW before it’s too late! https://swindontheatres.co.uk/Online/tickets-sound-of-music-swindon-2019

Photo Credits – Frankie Le-Bon

SALOS presents ‘The Sound of Music’ – Elsa

🤩 Introducing Sarah Asprey as ‘Elsa’ 🤩

With The Sound of Music opening next week, we thought it would be a good idea to show you a few more characters! Sarah, along with the rest of the cast, can’t wait to perform to Swindon Wyvern Theatre audiances next week. So BOOK NOW – https://swindontheatres.co.uk/…/tickets-sound-of-music-swin…

Photo Credits – Frankie Le-Bon