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SALOS’ Donation to The Jessie May Foundation

Our President, Alan Wrixon handing over the donation to Jessie May

For our second year running, we were more than pleased to support The Jessie May Foundation during our performances of ‘The Sound of Music’. We even managed to more than double our donation this year with £1,534.41!

Thank-you so much for all your generous donations throughout our performances!

Jessie May supports families who have children with life limiting illnesses. Children who will sadly not live to reach adulthood. Families with a terminally ill child often find juggling ‘round the clock care with everyday tasks an overwhelming struggle. Parents and their children cannot do the things you and I take for granted; things like having a job, going on a family outing, or simply being able to sleep through the night.

To find out more about Jessie May, click here – https://www.jessiemay.org.uk/